Critiques 2013

South Western Gundog Club Open Show

Saturday 19th October 2013


Irish Setters

Thank you for a lovely entry, there were some close decisions.

Puppy (4.2) - Two lovely young ladies whom I  sure will change places on another day. 

1: Hall's Glennara Chemin De Fer, BPIB- This little lady proved to be a bit of a handful for her owner, she has the prettiest of heads with mischievous expression, rich coloured coat  balanced throughout with good bone  and coming together well on the move.

2: Pike's Redclyst Aura - I was very taken with her but she struggled on the flooring to show herself off to her best

Junior (4,0)

1: Hemmings's Orlanset The Rocker, BOB - I fell in love with this young man, he oozed quality and was presented in the best condition with a deep rich coat, well muscled adding to the overall balanced picture. Handsome head with quizzical expression with low set ears, good length of neck which flowed into well laid back shoulders, gently sloping top line which was held on the move, strong hindquarters which he used to his advantage around the ring with powerful balanced strides holding his top line on the move.

2: Pike's Orlanset Sarah at Glenury; 3: Hemmings;s Orlanset Rosalie; Res: Prangle's Heathclare Chasing Magic.

Yearling (6,0)

1: Hemmings's Orlanset The Rocker, 2: Hall's Currowhill Tickle Pink with Glennara, 3: Rutherford's Clonageera Kinross Love Barolo, Res: Pike's Orlanset Sarah at Glenury

Novice (7,1)

1: Hemmings's Orlanset The Rocker, 2: Hemmings;s Orlanset Rosalie, 3: Pike's Redclyst Aura, Res: Prangle's Heathclare Chasing Magic.

Graduate (2,2)

Limit (5,2)

1: Partridge's Tsitsikama Glen Acacia at Kerrydown Sh CM, RBOB- not in the best of coat but it didn't detract from her good profile and overall balance. Nice head and low set ears, good feet and well ribbed back, moved out well and true. 2: Lippett's Neathamill Isabella at Clonageera, 3: Full's Blaysdell Killareney at Teignestuary.

Open Dog (3,2)

1: McDonagh's Ronzalda Figaro - good head, low set ears with a dark coat, good shoulders but needed more strength in his hindquarters to give a better balanced picture , he was rather boisterous on the move giving his handler a hard time.

Open Bitch (3,1)

1: Partridge's Kerrydown Layla Sh CM - This 9 1/2 year old lady could show the youngsters a thing or too. Hardly showing her age her eyes still glinted with that Irish mischievousness and she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Well presented, in good condition she moved steadily.



English Setters

Thank you for a lovely entry, I was aware that the size of the ring and the flooring didn't help; however, I was a little disappointed at the overall standard of dogs on the day as although presentation was good, some were on the heavy side and not in best muscled condition, they may look balanced in profile but on the move there was a lack of free and graceful action.

Junior (9,4)

1: Mugford's Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood - This young lady stole the show for me, presented in excellent condition she moved with purpose and drive off strong rear quarters, lovely head with soft expression, good length of neck that flowed into well set back shoulders she held her top line on the move and was balanced throughout, she is feminine but with substance, She pushed the others hard but her free flowing movement won the day BOB and I was delighted to see her make the short list in a strong Best In Show line up. 2; Stirk's Twyline Truly Skysablaze over Grakar BPIB - nice youngster, pretty bitch moved out steadily for her age, 3: Hempstead's Twyline Tawny Skylark, Res: Homer's Mariglen Margurita.

Post Graduate (3,1)

1: Mugford's Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood, 2: Hempstead's Twyline Touchcrystal

Open (6,0)

I removed all of this class to try give everyone a chance at moving again and to make the most of the ring 1: Mugford's Quensha Summer Nights at Lynwood, 2: Rainey's Wolmersdon Outta The Blue, RBOB pushed the winner hard but lost out on movement, I liked his depth and spring of ribs, 3: Stirk & Littlechild's Ravensett Royal Diamond for Grakar, I thought my winner was going to be this lady as her profile when first stood was lovely with elegant lines and substance but she sadly was carrying a bit too much weight which meant that she didn't move out as well as I would have liked. Res: U'Ren's Hollygrove Tumble at Bensophie.