Irish Setter Association of Sweden       28th March 2009


Thank you so much for inviting me to judge in your beautiful country. When I was first approached, I enquired if there would be snow on the ground only to be told that no, it would be spring time. So it was a big surprise to be told a week before we were to leave that it was -10and snowing! I was really humbled at the distance and effort people went to, to get to the show. In Jersey, one snow flake and the whole place grinds to a slithering halt!

Having been warned about the weather, my husband, Nigel and I came well prepared and we’re treated to great hospitality. The venue albeit being cold, was spacious and gave great scope to move the dogs on a good surface and the show was opened by a lovely rendition of the local anthem.  I must put in a big thank you to Sinnika who kept me organised all day and my scribe Lise-Lotte who did well to understand and interpret my comments into written critiques.

The dogs were all beautifully prepared and presented. If I had to be critical, I would like feet to be tighter and a number of dogs were carrying a little too much weight which spoils the racy profile especially when it is carried over the shoulders. However, they were all generally in very good condition which I appreciate is not easy at this time of year. There were some very exciting youngsters in both sexes whom I’m sure are going to do well in the future. In particular, I loved the young Junior dog who oozed quality and I’m sure he has an exciting future. As the classes unfolded there was much evidence of quality through the ages and there were many occasions when the decisions were extremely close and the dogs could easily change places on another day, although, on the whole I would say that the bitches are of a more even merit at the moment.

The classes of Champions gave me a real thrill. To be able to go over these worthy Champions was a wonderful experience and it was easy to see why they had risen to the top. My top two boys had a lot to like about them and I was really torn between the two.

The bitch line up generated from all the CK winners was a spectacle and it was with a great deal of pleasure that I looked around the ring at all the beautiful dogs that had come back into the ring. I was delighted to shortlist some younger dogs that I felt were very worthy to be pulled out, I’m sure they will go on to do well in the not too distant future.

The Breeders Class was a show of how the Irish Setter breed is in safe and caring hands in Sweden. There were examples of continuity through the ages and continuity within the breeder’s kennels.

The final for Best in Show was a wonderful headache to have, but at the end of the day, for me, it had to be the bitch, NordV-07, Sv-08 Kanelin Hurrah Dubliner with the Reserve Best in Show going to the dog, Kbhv-07, Sv-08 Don’t Blame Me.

Our grateful thanks must go to all involved in the show, especially the committee who had worked hard to organise such a well run event. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and before the show, let alone the clearing up which Nigel and I can really appreciate being on our own KCJ Committee. Also, thank you to the exhibitors who travelled, in not the best conditions to support the show and accepted my decisions with thanks and smiles, I thoroughly enjoyed my day going over your beautiful dogs. Our only regret was that Nigel and I couldn’t stay longer to see more of your lovely country; however, we hope to come back and see it without the snow next time!



Cornwall Gundog Open Show      13th April 2009


Thank you for a lovely entry on such a busy weekend, some of the movement was disappointing and some of the dogs could have been in harder condition, this would help to give them more of a racy outline that is required, however, I was pleased with my principle winners.

Irish Setter Puppy – Hadfield’s Marazanne’s Over The Moon; stood alone but worthy winner, 11 month bitch pretty head, dark eye good front and with nice shoulders into gently sloping topline, was a little excitable in the move but moved well once settled.  Pleased to see her win Puppy Group 3.

Irish Setter Junior – Meadows & Ritchie’s Gwendariff Miss Whiplash JW; a lovely feminine bitch that took my eye, pretty head, low set ears, arched neck into well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest and well balanced throughout with good angulation front and back, well boned with neat feet. Delighted to award her BOB. 2. Condron’s Danceset Fancy Forgetting Covarney; 3. Needs’s Danceset The Boyfriend.

Irish Setter Graduate – Pike’s Redclyst Vladimer; moved out with drive to win this class, well balanced on the move holding his top line, good profile with masculine head, low set ears, deep chest and strong rear quarters. BOS. 2. Condron & Needs’s Covarney Kayanne; 3. Needs’s Covarney Mocha.

Irish Setter Limit – Pike’s Redclyst Cormac; mature looking dog, well balanced throughout, well bodied with good width of thigh, masculine head, moved out steadily. 2. Partridge’s Kerrydown Look At Me; 3. Ord’s Tykki Dyw Sunlord.

Irish Setter Open Dog – Jones’s Janter Manannan Mac Lir at Hunnicote; Good balanced profile, masculine head, low set ears, dark eye,  good depth to chest and strong through loin. Best mover in the class. 2. Pike’s Redclyst Thomas The Rymer JW; 3. Needs & Condron’s Covarney Brings Verdi To Stourford.

Irish Setter Open Bitch – Condron’s Scotselaw Memphis Belle at Covarney; feminine mature bitch, pretty head, dark eyes, low set ears, good angulation back and front just would have preferred more drive on the move. Budgell’s Choaksford Megan with Robbielene; 3. Hadfield’s Emberiki Eternal Flame at Marzanne.

Irish Setter Veteran – Robbielene Keely Sh CM; this 8 year old bitch could show the youngsters a thing or to, moved out covering the ground well, feminine bitch with lovely balanced outline, balanced head, low set ears, nice sloping topline into strong hindquarters, chest well let down, pleased to award her RBOB. She was also Best Veteran 7-9 Yrs in Show. 2. Beldham’s Manatafield Irish Charm at Bowringlee; 3. Condron’s Covarney Hocolate Mousse.




Eukanuba Golden Oldie        25th April 2009


I was delighted to be asked to judge the Eukanuba Golden Oldie 2009. There is a lot of organisation that goes into such a special event and the Committee of the Huddersfield & District Canine Association had worked tremendously hard. They had a hard act to follow as this the first year that they have taken on the event. The evening started with a wonderful buffet and the desserts were delicious (especially the trifle!) The Sponsors of Eukanuba, Our Dogs and Barry Medforth of Westgate Giftware had been very generous and every entrant received a special goody bag. There were 21 dogs representing their respective Clubs and each one did a lap of honour to much applause from the seated crowd.

The Competition was in a knock out format with the draw having been taken earlier. In pairs the dogs came back into the ring for me to judge. It was lovely to see these Golden Oldies enjoying their evening out on the tiles and strutting their stuff. Some of the pairings were very difficult to judge with both exhibits being worthy of being put through, however, decisions had to be made and the winner of each pairing was announced by the ‘one and only’ Maurice Webb who was our more than capable, Master of Ceremonies for the evening. As the first round drew to a close, there was time to re-fill glasses as some presentations and thank you’s were made.


First  the ‘losers’ all came back in for the Eukanuba Golden Oldie Best Losers to be judged and I chose a very upstanding Weimaraner, Ladwey Intention. She was in hard condition and moved well with drive and with the enthusiasm of someone much younger than her 9 years of age. Beautifully handled and balanced throughout.


Then the ‘winners’ all came back in and after moving them all again my overall winner of Eukanuba Golden Oldie 2009 went to a very smart Cocker Spaniel, Amaroanne My Fathers Eyes. 9 years of age but moving with purpose around the ring he was hard to fault. Square muzzle, balanced head with low set ears; well boned and level top line, he presented a lovely picture standing and on the move. The Reserve Eukanuba Golden Oldie 2009 was the Apricot Standard Poodle, Kirkinner Skys The Limit with Sympika. Well handled to get the best out of her, she was beautifully presented, elegant and moved enthusiastically. Well proportioned with a deep chest and short back.


The Sponsors were on hand to present the beautiful trophies and awards which included a large bag of food to each of the winners from Eukanuba. The oldest Golden Oldie was also presented with a special award and that was a spritely 15 year old Shetland Sheepdog, Abuela Rupert The Bear and it was just a shame that the camera wasn’t on the pack of ladies trying to get his attention due to his selective hearing whilst he was having his picture taken!


It was a wonderful evening and I was honoured to be part of it. My grateful thanks goes the organisers and sponsors and the supporters from all the clubs that came together to make it such a special event. Finally a round of applause, to all the wonderful Golden Oldies, whom are still enjoying life and keep us going.


It was with great sadness that I heard after writing the report that the Weimaraner owned by Lynda Yewdall, sadly passed away not long after the event. It was apparently very sudden and must have been a tremendous shock for her owner. My heartfelt sympathies go out to her.




North Riding Gundog Club     Sunday 24th May 2009


Irish Setter Puppy - 1. Driver’s Caskeys Star Gazer at Stearnwood – 10 month old young bitch, initially a little skittish but settled down, balanced head and cleans through neck and shoulders and correct topline carried well on the move.  Good angulation, well balanced front and back and moved out well to win the class. BPIB.  2. Gill’s Ardbraccan Odyssey for Diptonia

Irish Setter Yearling - 1. Gardner’s Riqitta Authentic – an upstanding young man who impressed with his presence. Balanced masculine head, low set ears, dark eye and lovely clean neck over shoulders. Well bodied and good depth of chest, good width of first thigh and good balanced angulation front and back. Moved well holding his topline well on the move. BOB. 2. Dodds’s Kerryfiar Unlimited; 3. Glasper’s Cataluna Till There Was You at Denetop.

Irish Setter Post Graduate – 1. Gardner’s Riqitta Authentic; 2. Williamson’s Kirwilldale Bewitched RBOB. 3. Wheeldon’s Glenlaine Wedding Vows

Irish Setter Open – 1. Nevitt’s Romarne Jessica JW – Lovely mature pretty bitch just not in her best coat today. Dark eye and low set ears, good angulation front and back and correct topline. Not quite the depth of chest I’d have liked, won the class on her steady movement; 2. McAvoy’s Cymbeline Travers; 3. Glasper’s Cataluna Swedish Rhapsody at Denetop


Junior Handling

Handling up to 11 Years : 1st. Abbie Mulgrew. A little nervous but listened and tried hard. She needs to practise her patterns and remember that it is the dogs’ movement that the judge wants to see and not stop too close to the judge at the end.

Handling 12-16 Years: 1st. Georgia Holmes. Very well presented and had a good relationship with her dog she carried out the patterns correctly. Best Overall Junior Handler.  2nd. Sarah James. Worked well with her dog, just needs to make her patterns more evenly balanced.



Blackwood and District Canine Society      12th July 2009

Irish Setters

Graduate - (5) 1. Mugford’s Copper’s Undercover at Lynwood (Imp Swe), 13 month old boy, nice head with lovely dark eye and low set ears, well boned in good condition, good balance back and front with gently sloping topline, looking forward to see how he matures, delighted to learn that this win finished off his Junior Warrant, Congratulations.; 2. Child’s Lyrasett Discovery; 3. Glithero’s Coppershell Vincent

BPIB – Dover’s Recoras Blown A Bubble for Justenuf

Open – (5) 1. Glitherow’s Coppershell Solo Sh. C.M. a good class, however the winner stood out particularly on his flowing movement as he moved with drive and purpose, lovely masculine refined head, good depth to chest and ribbed well back, balanced back and front in good condition, BOB and delighted to see him go Group 2; 2. Prangle’s Heathclare A Chance Of Magic J.W.RBOB; 3. Mugford’s Copper’s Undercover at Lynwood (Imp Swe)



Clacton & District Canine Society      15th August 2009


Irish Setters

Graduate – (3) 1. Warner’s Tamwood Thankyou, young bitch, nicely put together, pretty head, low set ears, dark eye, balanced angulation front and back, short in croup, moved ok; 2. Neville’s Settaside She’s A Fox; 3. Jones’s Jogipoto My Fair Lady


Open – (2) 1. Warner’s Strathmead Snowbunting very pretty bitch, mother of winner of previous class, low set ears and king Irish expression, smooth and balanced throughout, gently sloping topline which she held on the move, looked stylish standing and on the move, BOB unfortunately couldn’t stay for the Group; 2. Jones’s Jogipoto My Fair Lady




Coventry & District Canine Society Premier Open Show   

Sunday 29th November 2009


Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge at this wonderfully run show. I had a lovely entry and thoroughly enjoyed my day. I always enjoy judging youngsters as they are the raw versions of the completed article. There was a lovely crop of ‘babies’ and it will be interesting to see how they go on to develop over the coming years. Some were a little spooky, different halls and flooring can upset a youngster and they sometimes need just that little more patience and time to let them blossom.


Minor Puppy (7) 1: Stubbs’s Riverbrue Zeus, I fell in love with this young man, he presented such a balanced picture for one so young. Handsome head with more to come, soft eye and lovely low set ears.  Well proportioned body with good angulation back and front, held topline well, Showed himself off well on the move and became more settled as time went on. Delighted to award him BPIB. 2: Weller’s Suteresett Wispa at Juldeane, I was very taken with this pretty young lady whose career I shall watch with interest. 3: Williamson’s Anlory Zafira


Puppy (6) 1: Stubbs’s Riverbrue Zeus; 2: Greenan’s Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset, very close just preferred the movement of winner. 3: Hart’s Rappatty Romance


Junior (5) 1: Butler’s Gracewood Take By Storm Rubymoon, well presented dog, nice proportioned head with low set ears, low set ears, good length of neck leading into a well ribbed body. Well muscled hindquarters, a little unsettled on the move however good overall profile. 2: White’s Porschet Prudence of Rosarenos. 3: Smith’s Cordarragh Oceania


Novice (3) 1: Carter’s Kerrimere Impossible Dream at Copperbrook, gave owner a hard time when standing, could have been better presented; however, there was a good length of neck there and well angulated shoulders. Handsome head with quizzical expression. Lovely outline on the move, moving with a good length of stride off well angulated rear quarters. 2: Hart’s Rappatty Red Velvet. 3: Butler’s Gracewood Take By Storm Rubymoon


Graduate (9) This class was one of those that gives a judge a lovely headache. It was full of quality and on a different day the placings I’m sure would have changed.

1: Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Carmenere JW headed up this tough class, well presented, pretty, feminine bitch, refined head, wistful expression and low set ears, dark expressive eye and raised brow. Good neck, really clean over the shoulders, good depth of brisket and true front. Good width over croup, well balanced and muscled up hindquarters giving strong driving movement. Delighted to award her BOB. 2: Stevenson’s Lochlorien Prime Suspect for Andley JW, close up to 1, just not quite the head for me but showed herself off well and deservedly RBOB. 3: Gardner’s Riqitta Authentic, one I have done well before and my thoughts haven’t changed, just not quite the verve on the move as the others today. 4: Waterton’s  Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream JW, pushed hard in this very close class.


Post Graduate (8)

1: Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours, handsome head with expressive eye and low set ears, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, well ribbed with good depth, good rear angulation, a bit of a pickle to stand; however, held topline well on the move and moved out steadily, BOS. 2: Higgett’s Tatsbro Firestone. 3: Stubbs’s Littleplea Lord Barnabus


Open (6)

1: Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Cereza JW, discovered after that she is the mother of my BOB, has many of the same attributes as her daughter; however, for me, she just didn’t move with as much verve, beautifully presented as always from this Kennel, lovely length of neck into well laid back shoulders, gently sloping topline, well balanced throughout.

2: Butler’s Covarney Wait N See Rubymoon 3: Russell’s Melmara Ruby Tuesday.

Irish Setter Results and Critiques     2009