Critique from

Irish Setter Breeders Club, Sybil Lennox Memorial Show

November 2011


Thank you so much to the committee for inviting me to judge at this special show. There was a lovely atmosphere and I can appreciate the hard work that goes into organising such a busy and successful show.

On the whole I found the dogs to be stronger than the bitches, with some pushing very hard in the challenge. The hall unfortunately didn't lend itself to allow dogs to show off their flowing movement and I did find some of the movement a little disappointing. Having said that, I was delighted with my winners who all stepped up to the mark and there are some exciting youngsters waiting in the wings.



Minor Puppy  (3,1 abs):  1. Cohen’s Caispern Lorenzo with Shushana, well balanced on the move and standing, low set ears and soft expression. Gently sloping top line through neck to tail, good depth to chest and length of rib, happy 8 month old held his top line well on the move and moved steadily with purpose; 2. Rose-Hay’s Cataluna Red Baron, shorter coupled, good depth of chest and lovely rich  chestnut coat, gave his handler a hard time, didn't move out as steadily as 1.


Puppy  (7,1): 1. Lucas’ Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight, a lot to like about this young man,  rich coat, balanced throughout, lovely low set ears with soft inquisitive expression of naughtiness, strode out happily with drive. Deep chest and well ribbed back giving a balanced picture front and back. Will watch his future with interest. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.  2. Swainston’s Togipoto Ice God at Glenvarna, unlucky to meet 1, another strong young dog, would have liked to see him move in a bigger ring as felt his long stride wasn't being shown off as well as it might, good proportions and well balanced standing and on the move.  3. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr Pepper.


Junior (6,2): 1. McDonagh’s Ronzalda Figaro, handsome young boy, chest well let down, lovely low set ears, strong head, good angulation front and back. Deep rich colour and moved out enthusiastically and with purpose;  2. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr Pepper; was 3rd in a strong puppy class, not as rich in colour which is a trademark of our breed, but a racy profile standing, although I'd like to see a little more substance on him, moved out happily; 3. Pallister’s Penwyn Red Admiral


Special Yearling (5,3): 1. McDonagh’s Ronzalda Figaro; 2. Booth’s Kirwilldale Snow Patrol, would have liked to see more purposeful movement, another who would have preferred a big grassy ring to show off in, good head, moderately proportioned throughout.


Novice (5,0): 1. Lucas’ Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight; 2. Stockton’s Gwendariff Dr Pepper; 3. Pallister’s Penwyn Red Admiral


Undergraduate (5,1): 1. Heppell’s Deevonville San Rafael, confident, purposeful movement keeping a balanced top line, masculine head with typical expression, rich colour and moderate angulation front and back ; 2. McDonagh’s Ronzalda Figaro; 3. Pallister’s Penwyn American Boy, thank you for the kiss part way round (from the dog that is!)


Graduate (9,2): a strong class - 1. Bott’s Bardonhill Tom Foolery, I loved this young man, he was full of quality and balance. Strong movement with drive and a lashing tail, soft melting expression with lovely low set ears. rich gleaming coat and beautifully presented. Good balance and angulation front and back, deep chest and neat feet, delighted to award him Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show; 2. Gardiner’s Mayfred Mr Moondance JW, unlucky to meet 1 on such great form, wasn't quite as settled on the move and would prefer a little more depth to muzzle but well balanced throughout and beautifully presented; 3. Cohen’s Brabrook Mastercraftsman with Shushana


Post Graduate (4,2): 1. Kniveton’s Feylinci Beachcomber at Orstone JW lovely balanced head with gorgeous, soft expression and low set ears. Lovely line through neck and top line presented in gleaming coat, well angulated, long striding dog who I felt couldn't show his best in a tight ring, moved with a lashing tail at one with his handler; 2. Gratton’s Bardonhill Floating Moon into Glenlaine JW Sh CM pushed 1 hard, well balanced throughout, held top line on the move, purposeful movement with enthusiastic tail, skilfully presented.


Limit (5,1): 1. Poppleton’s Lurgavon Play Boy, this dog really owned the ring in this class on the move and took his handler around, strong masculine head with balance and soft quizzical expression, lovely deep chest with good angulation front and back, I thought he was a real contender but he just didn't show himself off as well  on the move in the challenge, I'm sure he will have his day; 2. Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours, a dog I have done well before who was beaten on movement today. Maturing well,  still like him a lot, handsome head with expressive eye and low set ears,  well laid shoulders, good depth of rib, good rear angulation,  held top line well on the move and moved out steadily; 3. Harvey’s Jubliana Murphy Midnight Star Sh CM.


Open (6,2): 1. Gardner’s Riqitta Authentic, a dog who impresses with his presence and commands attention in the ring. This boy has matured into a fine example of our lovely breed. Balanced, masculine head, low set ears, dark eye and lovely clean neck over shoulders. Well bodied but still with that racy impression, good depth of chest, excellent muscle tone and good balanced angulation front and back. Moved with drive holding his top line on the move. Delighted to award him Best Dog and Best In Show;  2. Cohen’s Caispern Vilette with Shushana JW Sh CM, A bigger rangier dog with good bone and substance, well presented. Lovely masculine head with typical Irish expression. Sound steady mover who I think would have preferred more space to get into stride so he could really drive;  3 Carter’s Kerrimere Just Rumours


Veteran (1); 1. Stockton’s Kespas Infrared JW, stood alone and was obviously enjoying his day out. Just a hint of distinguished grey belied his years, in fit condition , a credit to his owner.



Minor Puppy  (7,2 abs): 1. Naylor & Morrison’s Forfarian Got It Flaunt It; I loved this little one, so well put together and full of self confidence that grew in the next class.  Pretty feminine head with a mischievous glint, well angulated showing balance throughout, good substance but still very feminine,  moved out well with happy appearance, sympathetically handled to make the best of her; 2. Gratton’s Glenlaine Elise, happy little girl another just 6 months, nice head with soft expression, moved steadily with just a hint of that puppy bounce; 3. Pike’s Suteresett Miss Sunshine Scarletti


Puppy  (10,2): 1. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s Gwendariff Gonne Be Special, headed a strong class, this young lady impressed me. Soft, melting, expressive head, rich coat with just the right amount of substance, balanced with being feminine throughout, moved confidently with drive, looked balanced standing and on the move, pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch;  2. Naylor & Morrison’s Forfarian Got It Flaunt It; 3. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Living Water


Junior (6,2): 1. Gardner’s Thendara Lenamore JW, a lovely balanced shape to this bitch, good depth of rib, and well angulated back and front, she moved with drive from well muscled hind quarters, appealing head with soft expression; 2. Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle, Reserve in Puppy class, was much more composed in this class, and moved well, lovely true Irish colour, attractive feminine head. Balanced throughout with lovely top line on the move and standing; 3. Prangle’s Heathclare A Kind Of Magic


Special Yearling (11,2): 1. Muir’s Romarne Savannah JW, lovely young bitch with just the right amount of substance but still keeping that all important raciness. Moved out confidently with drive and purpose off well angulated rear. Beautiful sweep from head down neck into shoulders, lovely head with true Irish expression, delighted to award her Reserve Best Bitch; 2. Howatson’s Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders, this bitch moved out enthusiastically but preferred the top line of 1,  more mature in appearance, balanced back and front, with good head and lovely low set ears; 3. Gardner’s Thendara Jocasta JW


Novice (7,5): 1. Sheldon’s Delsanto Snow Belle; 2. McDonald’s Delsanto Snow Crystal at Chugerra was VHC in Puppy, another youngster who was more settled 2nd time around, good head with dark eye, made a pretty balanced picture standing, just needs to learn to stride out more.


Undergraduate (5,3):1. Berry & Morris’ Brinara Briet, a good confident happy mover, I'd have just liked to have seen a more fluid, continuous movement around the ring, lovely feminine head, low set ears and soft expression, balance from head to tail ; 2. Walker’s Tatterslee Hera, Reserve in Special Yearling, reminds me of one of my fidgety ones when they were young, pretty head, needs to work on composing one's self on the move and standing to make the most of her.


Graduate (9,4): 1. Naylor & Morrison’s Anlory Crianza, a bitch who moved with style and confidence around the ring, pretty feminine head, with quizzical expression, nicely balanced back and front, good depth of chest and well ribbed back; 2. Berry & Morris’ Duncraig Demelza by Brinara, another confident mover, just not the flowing movement of 1, good balanced head and sloping top line from head to tail; 3. Howatson’s Riverman Royal Rosa at Vanders


Post Graduate (8,3):  1. Harvey’s Riverbrue Enyo at Jubliana, this bitch oozed quality for me on the day, just the right amount of substance and raciness complete with an ever wagging tail completed a lovely balanced picture. Pretty feminine head with the melting Irish expression, maybe not in quite the best coat but enough there to show off and one could see the well angulated hind quarters and well laid back shoulders giving her a super outline on the move and standing. delighted to award her Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex  ; 2. Hopewell’s Davset It’s Now Or Never; another fine mover, feminine bitch with good balance throughout, just preferred the top line of 1.  3. Bott’s Bardonhill Cutie, pushed hard in this class but didn't quite have the verve on the move today.


Limit (3,2): 1. Berry & Morris’ Brinara Mercedes, stood alone, another quality bitch from this kennel, beautifully presented with gleaming rich coat, pretty head and dark eye. Moved well.


Open (2,2)


Veteran (2,1): 1. Prangle’s Tannymac Could It Be Magic at Heathclare; stood alone but showed some of the youngsters how it is done, moved out well and confidently, a little distinguishing grey on a pretty head, well put together and in good condition. Delighted to award her Best Veteran In Show.


Judge : Ro Cox