West Country Dog Club

October 2010



Irish Setter - Puppy (5/2a)

1: Drinkwater's Brabrook Shanavaz, 11 1/2 months dog, moved well and steadily, lovely soft head, dark eye, soft expression, good depth of chest presented nice profile, well handled to win a lovely class of babies. BPIB.

2: Randle's Rionore Fire N'Ice; very promising 6 month old

3: Reed's Tatterslee Athena


Irish Setter - Special Yearling (1/2a)

1: Hyslop & Stewart Ritchie's Gwendariff Whata Showgirl; lovely bitch to go over, good substance but feminine, steady mover, dark eye, neat feet, good front and balanced rear angualtion.


Irish Setter - Post Graduate (5/4a)

1: Pike's Redclyst Vladamir; Loved this handsome dog, good depth of chest and used strong rear quarters to move effortlessly with drive, wonderful soft expressive head, low set ears. Well presented, good substance but still racy, balanced picture throughout, good angulation front and back. BOB.

2: Waterton's Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream JW; pretty bitch , moved out well, just preferred the overall profile of 1.

3: Millan's Landscot Going For Gold


Irish Setter - Open (4/4a)

1: Prangle's Tannynac Could It Be Magic at Heathclare JW; mature bitch, beautifully presented, nice head, low set ears and soft eyes, moved well presenting a good balanced profile. RBOB.

2: Pike & Hemming's Redclyst Cormac

3: Randle's Rionore Bewitching Thyme


Field Spaniel - Open (3/1a)

1: Porter's Kingsmist Forest; Well balanced, of good substance and in hard condition, moved well from behind, good head, gentle expression with low set ears. BOB.

2: Harding's Kingsmist Falcon

3: Harding's Havelli's The Dark Knight at Kingsmist


Welsh Springer Spaniel - Open (3)

1: Jones' Pennylock Quin JW; Loved this dog, moved out well to win this class, good substance and bone throughout and well balanced standing and on the move, good width to thigh, driving well from strong hindquarters, nice head with soft expression. BOB. Delighted to see him win the Gundog Group.

2: Shears' Glanffrwd Westward Boy at Glenkerry Sh CM

3: Lewin - Ferndel Voyage to Vynesbrook


Labrador Retriever - Special Yearling (2/1a)

1: Moody's Trendlewood Finn The Eskimo; Black 19 month dog, quite heavy over the shoulders which affected movement hence dog didn't look as balanced on the move, tail carriage was a little high, good head with nice expression.

2: Hatch's Lembas Santa Rosa at Bramthorn - BPIB


Labrador Retriever -Post Graduate (1/1a)

1: Mills' Trendelwood Sing; Yellow bitch, presented quite well balanced standing but could have moved better, would have preferred a stronger head to finish the picture.


Labrador Retriever - Open (2)

1: Harvey Major's Trendelwood Play Me Linjor JW; Well balanced throughout with good bone and substance, moved with drive holding top line, good head with soft expression, animated standing presenting a lovely profile. BOB.

2: Rankine's Lembas Blonde On Blonde to Fyldefair Sh CM


Flatcoated Retriever - Post Graduate (1/1a)

1: Eaton's Clocktower Star Gazer; Good movement with drive, classic head with lovely expression, presented a balanced picture standing, pushed hard for BOB.


Flatcoated Retriever -Open (3/1a)

1: Moon's Llantrussa Waterloo; A lot to like about him, well handled and presented in good condition, good bone throughout, moved with drive and verve. Lovely head, soft intelligent eyes, Won a good class. BOB.

2: Lewin & Smith's Vynesbrook Annika at Waybeyond

3: Hawkins' Braemist Dusky Laird


N.S.D.T.Retriever - Post Graduate (2/1a)

1: Woolerton's Foxdown Look At Me with Culmgillie; Preferred this bitch on movement, more mature and presented better balanced profile.

2: Ward's Melanitta Morning Glory


N.S.D.T.Retriever - Open (2/1a)

1: Ward's Foxdown Chiquitita of Melanitta; Lovely well balanced picture, good rear angulation , moved well. good head, correct ear set, presented in good condition. BOB.

2: Mortimore's Foxdown My Fair Lady; very good conditioned 7 year old


Curly Coated Retriever - Open (1/1a)

1: Shears' Maycourt Midnight Rambler at Glenkerry JW Sh CM; Stood alone, but worthy winner. Excellent balanced profile, moved out well, driving from strong rear quarters, good depth of chest, well laid back shoulders, intelligent and alert expression. BOB.


Judge - Mrs Ro Cox

Irish Setter Results and Critiques 2010