Critiques 2012

South of England Gundog Club

Sunday 13th May 2012


Irish Setters


Minor Puppy (5/2abs): 1. Wilkins's Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss among Margeretwoods nice bitch, very pretty head, low set ears and dark eyes, good forechest and shoulder placement. Would have liked to see more angulation behind and moved a little close behind today but held top line on the move and moved out steadily; 2. Gratton's Bardonhill Moon River Flows into Glenlaine, promising baby boy with more to come; Tuite's Rua Precious Jewel.


Puppy (2/0) : 1. Gratton's Glenlaine Elise BPIB has matured well since I last saw her and she still pleases me, although there could be a little more of her. Well presented with happy striding out movement, pretty head, correct eye and good balance back and front, delighted to award her BPIB; 2. Wilkin's Bardonhill Hetty Bayliss among Margeretwoods.


Junior (4/0) : 1. Humphrey's Sutersett Miss Curious about Henaleas, dark coat, lovely low set ears, dark eyes, shoulders ok, good width to thigh giving good balance throughout, very pretty feminine head and moved out well; 2. Lucas's Kerryfair Gets Lucky over Amberlight, moved steadily today just going through a growing stage so not as well balanced at the moment; 3. Gratton's Glenlaine Elise; Reserve. Nicholl's Delsanto Snow Storm.


Yearling (6/1) : 1. Richardson's Kirkavagh Hernando, this young man caught my eye as although he gave his handler a hard time he showed such promise. Handsome dog, beautifully put together and well presented, good width of thigh, moved enthusiastically with drive, a handful standing, nice head, good balance and substance. Pleased to award him RBOB. Will watch his future with interest; 2. Humphrey's Sutersett Miss Curious about Henaleas pushed 1 hard; 3. Stocker's Kirkavagh Xakala; Reserve. Nicholl's Delsanto Snow Storm; VHC. Marshall's Qusjslosh I'm Gorgeous.


Graduate (5/1): 1. Lucas's Irishmagic of the Trav'lin Star avec Amberlight (totally Imp Bel) handsome head, low set ears, dark coat, just out of coat at the moment but could see good overall balance throughout, moved out well just a little close behind today; 2. Durant's Kirkavagh Escena really nice shape, pretty head and moves out positively enjoying the pigeon diversion; 3. William's Kirkavagh Wayward Lad; Reserve. Cox's Kedalita Apollo.


Post Graduate (4/2): Weller's Superset Wispa at Juldeane JW ShCM this lady has matures well since I judged her as a puppy. Lovely well balanced, good front and rear angulation, out of coat on the day but didn't detract from her shape and balance, pretty head, low set ears and good eyes. Just not the drive today that I know she can do. 2. Tuite's Porschet Paterson.


Open (8/1) : 1. Waterton's Lynwood Kissed Buy An Angel at Sandstream JW ShCM. This mature bitch now looks the part with good balance. throughout, she really has improved with age, pretty head, dark eyed, good shoulder placement and excellent angulation. Moved out really well with drive. holding her topline and using her tail to advantage. Delighted to award her BOB; 2. Hogarth's Avacet Snowdrift good head, good width of thigh and overall balance to him, well presented and handled. I was torn between my first two but the bitch won it on movement; 3. Richardson's Kirkavagh Intermezzo; Reserve. Brady's Reddins Frolic among Amberlight; VHC. Durant's Kirkavagh Iliona.


Veteran (3/1) : 1. Harrison's Caskeys Voyager ShCM lovely boy enjoying his day out, moved well for his age, good shoulders and well put together; 2. Waterton's Lynwood Strands Of Silk at Sandstream JW ShCM lovely bitch but wasn't as positive on the move today.


Judge - Ro Cox



Hereford & County Kennel Society

Saturday 19th May 2012


Irish Setter Junior (3,1)

Drinkwater’s Brabrook Boomshakalaka BPIB More mature baby, moved out steadily holding her topline to win the class, good eye, well ribbed, this baby still needs time but she shows promise; 2. Danks-Kemish’s Feylinci Santa Venetia with Alolfran.


Irish Setter Graduate (2,0)

1. Danks-Kemish’s Alolfran Inspired With Time JW this young man owned the ring and commanded attention. Well proportioned body, lovely lay back of shoulders, good rear angulation using his hocks to drive around the ring with purpose holding topline on move, Handsome head with a true Irish expression, so lacking in some at the moment, low set ears good eyes, neat feet, Delighted to award him BOB and see him go Group 2; 2. Drinkwater’s Brabrook She’s All Style


Irish Setter Open (2,0)

1. Drinkwater’s Brabrook Shanavaz JW I realised afterwards that I have placed this boy well as a baby and it is pleasing to see how well he is maturing into a well balanced dog. Good masculine head, low set ears, dark coat, good front and well angulated rear, moved out well, pleased to award him RBOB; 2. Glithero & Arkell’s Coppershell Vincent.



Gordon Setter Graduate (2,1)

1. Butler’s Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon BOB 15 months old, stood alone, a handful to stand and move, movement a little erratic and not as positive rear movement as I'd like to see. Still needs time to mature into himself.


Gordon Setter Open (3,2)

1. Butler’s Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon.


English Springer Spaniel Graduate (1,0)

1. Furness’s Shelcasrie Flint BOB stood alone, well presented, coat in good condition, well boned and full of substance, masculine head, well handled and moved enthusiastically.


Judge - Ro Cox